I Won a Giveaway!

I won a giveaway at Camille’s Primary Ideas! I was really excited so I made this video to show y’all what I got! You can see her post about Singing Time in Nursery here.

In case you didn’t figure this out by watching the video, I talk really fast. In fact, I was consciously trying to talk slowly while filming this, so I’m sorry if some things got lost in translation! I hope you guys liked having a video to watch so you could see everything that I got! Tell me below if you’d like to see more!



Follow the Prophet { for Nursery }

These are the signs I use in Nursery when we sing Follow the Prophet. I mounted them on a piece of cardboard and covered it with a few pieces of clear packing tape (kinda like laminating but less expensive and it holds up better). I pass them out to each child and say the name of the prophet they get. We just sing the chorus of this song and we all hold the signs and march around the room, with me in the front. There are 15 different ones (I seriously hope your nursery isn’t any bigger than that for sanity sake!) and they include old testament prophets, book of mormon prophets and latter-day prophets. The link’s below!

Prophets for Nursery


Songbird Tree { for Nursery }

Our nursery is very transient, so it’s hard to keep things consistent and under control. This is a poster I use to encourage participation and to get everyone to get on the mat for singing time (it’s staying on the mat the whole time that can be a problem). The goal is to get each songbird from the ground up into the tree. I use removable sticky tack because the kids can put the birds wherever they like in the tree, but I may have to replace it at some point. You could also use velcro and have permanent spots where birds go. I wrote each song title on one of the songbirds because we keep them pretty consistent. Consistency is really important with kids this age. But I left a couple of the birds blank so I can write on them with my trusty transparency marker when we learn new songs. I pick a song to sing and hold the bird that goes with that song while we sing it. I choose one child who is behaving appropriately for singing time and trying to participate (even if that just means listening quietly or only doing the actions) to come and put the bird in the tree. Sometimes I give out stickers to each child that gets to move a bird and then at the end I give one to everyone else.

Here’s what you need to make a poster for yourself:

Tree Trunk and Leaves Nursery Poster    Tree Trunk and Leaves Nursery Poster PDF

Songbirds Nursery Poster   Songbirds Nursery Poster PDF

I used an outline for the trunk which I cut out of brown construction paper. I freehand cut the leaves  because they’re so simple, but I included an outline for them as well in case you’re not feeling artistic. I cut green leaves to use for spring and summer, red and orange to use in the fall and I will probably just leave the tree bare in the winter, but I included a snowflake template to use instead of leaves for all of you that don’t live in beautiful Florida.