Leaves Are Falling { Three Fall-Themed Activities for Reviewing OR Learning }

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As primary programs are coming to an end, we can finally look ahead to learning new songs and having some fun mixing it up a little more during singing time! This is a great fall themed activity that can work with any songs you want to learn or review! I love versatile activities like this because I can reuse the same printables over and over again! Here’s a few ways to use these lovely leaves!

Print the leaves HERE!

Reviewing Several Songs

If you’re still in prep mode for your program or you want to refresh your kids’ memories on some old favorites, you can use these leaves for a great fall-themed review activity to go over several songs. Write the names or page numbers of the songs you want to review on the front of each leaf. I like to write the names of songs for more casual activities, because the primary feels like they have more control to pick what they will sing, and the page numbers if I’m worried we won’t get to sing all the songs we really need to work on, especially if they’re not the most popular ones that my kids will pick. On the back of each leaf, write a way to sing that song or a group to sing it to keep things more interesting. To really make things fun, collect some fall foliage from around your neighborhood and let your kids earn leaves based on how well they sing each song. If they sing a song especially well, they earn 5 leaves, and start to build a pile of leaves on the floor. If you  have a toy rake like this one, let one child come up and rake the earned leaves into a pile!

Reviewing One Song

Notice how there are 2 leaves of the same shape in the printable? If you have just one song you really want to focus on, split each phrase into 2 parts and write the 2 halves on 2 leaves of the same shape. Scramble them up on the board and let one kid come up and pick 2 leaves that match. Then have one group of children sing one half of the line and assign the other leaf to another group. If you have a small primary, you could do boys and girls or 1-2 classes together. If you have a very large primary, you can split each class into 2 leaves and do a call and response sort of activity, where one group sings the first half of the line, followed by the other group with the second half. Then, have someone from another class come and pick 2 more and repeat the activity. Once you’ve gone over each set of leaves, have everyone trade and listen closely for when their line comes up! It’s pretty entertaining to listen for the holes when your kids aren’t paying attention, and it really lets you know which parts of the song you need to really drill! If you have a combined primary, you’ll want at least one senior primary member, participating teacher or good reader in a group with your smaller children!

Learning a New Song

There’s a lot of ways to learn a new song with these leaves! You can split the lines in half like in the activity above and do a call and response in each line. Since its a new song, to do this style of activity, you’ll want to sing the whole line for them first, then you sing the first half, they sing the second half and then trade. Finish learning each line by having just the kids sing it by themselves. Then you can mix it up with different groups! Another fun way to learn a song is to number each leaf and tape them under a few chairs in the primary room. Start by having everyone look for leaf #1 and then learn the first line or section. When each section is learned well, let someone make the leaf fall by throwing it up in the air! If you’re looking for some fall-themed songs that are quick to learn, my favorites are “Leaves Are Falling All Around” p. 241 and “It’s Autumntime” p. 246.

I hope you’ve got some great new ideas for fall! Let me know your favorite ways to use these leaves in your singing time! Happy Fall, Y’all, and



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