The Ultimate Singing Time Tournament

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It’s here. The game to end all games! Every game you think you’ve played in primary (and a few more!) have been combined into one giant tournament for the ultimate singing time. ( I should write movie trailers! ) Below are a list of mini-games that you can use in different combinations to keep things interesting for one giant push to practice program songs OR to relax after your program is finished. AND since they’re so short and so easy to play, you can use them as time-fillers too! Versatility is key for us primary choristers.


To play this game, show one primary child the name of a song, or whisper it in their ear, and instruct them that must sing the melody only saying the syllable “la” AND they have to start out soft and get louder and louder until someone can guess which song they’re singing! You’ll get to know who can carry a tune, and who can recognize music even without the words. If you end up with a contestant that’s particularly tone deaf, let the pianist start to play with the singer after a few lines.


I’ve made a few collages of images that represent a song. Just show the images and let your kids guess which song they go with! To make it harder in Senior primary, just flash them for a couple seconds at first and then gradually let them see the images longer until the know the answer!

Memory Match Ultimate Primary Tournament {PDF}

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It’s just a fancy name for hot and cold (and a great way to throw in a musical term!) Grab your favorite thing to hide and pick someone to go outside. Everyone else agrees on a hiding place and gets a reminder to sing loud when they get closer and soft when they’re far away. Invite your contestant in and sing away!


You’ll probably want a senior primary contestant (or even a teacher) for this game! Show them the title of a primary song and instruct that they can’t say any of the words in that title, but must use other words to describe the song and get the rest of the primary to guess its name! You can make it even harder by adding a few other key words from the song that are not allowed!


Pick a few phrases from the different songs you’re reviewing. Now mix up all the words and post them on the board! I made some strips of words for you to use with some of the phrases that my primary sometimes struggles with! Read it out loud and see if someone can put it in the right order. If they can’t, then sing the song it goes with and point to the strip when you get there. Write the correct phrase underneath the word strip! This is a particularly fun one to play vs. teachers too! For example:

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 7.56.54 PM

Jukebox Jumble Ultimate Primary Tournament {PDF}

There are lots of ways you can mix all these games together and adapt them for junior and senior primary if you have them separated! Decide before you start if you will keep score and how to divide your primary. My favorite thing to do with each of these games is to play kids vs. teachers! To make this work out well, I often let one teacher have a turn in each game and the rest are all children. You’ll be able to involve a lot of children in playing each of these games, especially if you divide responsibilities. For example, if you are playing jukebox jumble, make it a senior primary member’s job to unscramble the phrase and a junior primary member’s job to identify which song it is from! And everyone loves to see the teachers get up in front and play!



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