Back To School Singing Time! { A Program Review }

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It’s time for another year of school! Summer is always over too quickly, isn’t it? For this review activity, you’ll need a brand new pencil for each member of your primary! (If the thought of fighting the back to school sales is too much for you, you can use the same printables below, just tape them to the bottoms of a few chairs around the room!) These cute pencil wraps will fit around about half of a standard #2 pencil!

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There’s 30 on a page, so print however many you need to cover your primary! Once you’ve got one of these papers taped around each pencil, go back and put these special papers on some of them! (If they don’t fit around the other side, you can just tape one short end to the pencil and wrap it around the bottom the long way!)

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 2.31.44 PM

There’s a school subject and clue to go with each song to review! Go up and down each row and let each child pick a pencil! Have them look for a special school bus clue to a song, and see if they can guess which song their pencil goes with! If their pencil doesn’t have a school bus clue, they still get to keep the pencil, and be reminded to choose the “write”!

Back to School Singing Time Pencil Wraps { PDF }

Happy Singing!


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