A Child’s Prayer { A Poster }

Can you believe this is the last song in the sharing time outline this year!? Time has flown by and it’s crunch time for program prep! Check back soon for some ideas of how to get your songs in tip top shape!

A Child’s Prayer Poster { PDF }

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Last Minute Singing Time Solutions

Beautysets - Last Minute Singing Time Solutions
Some weeks you just don’t have the time or energy to get ready for singing time. I get it. You need a quick and easy print-and-go back-up plan that’s guaranteed to impress and keep your kids singing without all the fuss. Click on the links below to see how to pull off 3 { simple } tried and true ways that work!

1) Pin the Tag on the Missionary

2) Ways to Sing Cards

3) {Pretty} Four Corners


{ Family Trees } Can Be Together Forever

This is a review activity that’s great for Families Can Be Together Forever, or any song you’re learning about families. This one’s geared a little more toward junior primary, but it can be adapted for any age group. Even nursery! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember a post about a tree I created to used in nursery. You can see that post (and make your own tree!) here. If you don’t think you’ll be using the tree very often, then I’d just draw one on the board, or just use more of a pedigree chart with simple lines. You’ll want to print these pictures of different family members:

Family Tree People Download

As you’ll see in the file, there’s pictures of lots of different people to represent different family members. Use one of the children as the main person at the bottom of the family tree. Ask them how big they think his family is. Start by singing the song you’re reviewing and choosing a good singer to come up and put his parents where they go on the tree. Keep singing and adding people, and make sure to talk about how they are related to your main person. Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and Great Grandparents. If your kids start to get a little restless throw in some other things for them to focus on while they sing, like some Ways to Sing cards or have them count how many times they are singing certain words. When your tree has been completed, talk about how this huge family can all be together forever. Tell your kids that they have lots and lots of family members that they have never even met before who are waiting to meet them, and how important it is to do family history and temple work so they can all live together again someday.


{ Teaching } Families Can Be Together Forever

Accra Ghana Temple

For this lesson you’ll need:

  • Pictures of Temples from Around the World (Chances are you already have some! First check your own collection of visuals, the Friend or your Building’s Library, but if you need them, go here.)
  • Pictures to go with each phrase of the song (Check your own collection, the Friend, etc. first, but if you just want to print some, this blog post has some great ones. Think a picture of the earth for “I have a family here on earth”, a parent helping a child with homework or a family working together for “They are so good to me” etc.)

Have the pictures of the temples from around the world posted in the front of the room where everyone can see them. On the back, (or posted behind if you want to be sure not to damage your temple pictures) have your phrase pictures attached.

Senior Primary

Tell them the title of the song you’ll be learning this month. Chances are they’ll even know it, or at least the chorus. Ask them a few questions to get them started. How can families be together forever? When can you be sealed to your family? How big is your family? Why should we do family history work?

Point out the first temple and see if they can guess which country it’s in. (You’ll probably want to have a few more recognizable ones!) Then turn it around and show the picture that goes with that phrase. Keep going until all of the phrases have been learned, making sure that you sing the whole song at least a couple of times. Then you can go back and turn around some of the pictures so that you can only see the temples and see how much they remember.

Junior Primary

Set up your pictures the same way as for the Senior Primary. Have them look at all the pictures for a few seconds. Ask them what kind of buildings these are. What do they have in common? What can happen inside them? Tell them that you’ll be learning Families Can Be Together Forever this month. Show them the picture for the first phrase and spend a little extra time talking about it. Sing it together several times before moving on. Depending on how familiar your junior primary is with this song, you may want to only teach the chorus the first week, and then spend a full week on each verse.


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