Road Trip Review!

It’s summer! A time for family vacations and road trips across the country. Plus, we’ve learned (at least!) 6 songs so far in primary this year! Time to go back and see if we remember them all with this review activity based on a road trip across the USA.

Road Trip Review USA {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 11.31.31 AM

Here’s several pictures that represent different places in the USA (there’s a key in the file!) that you can put on a map! You can print one, draw one, or use an old one you’ve got around the house. I used a fold up one that we already had. Once you have your map, put the pictures in the places they represent! Have someone come up and decide where they want to visit first and place the car there. Talk a little bit about what the picture represents and see if anyone has visited there. Tell them that your pianist has a key that tells her which song to sing at each place. I used the key to write page numbers for her.

In my primary, I did one just for my home state of Florida which ended up looking like this.







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