Something’s Different, Sister ___________

This is a low-prep activity that you can use to review anything that works equally well for both Junior and Senior Primary! Bring a bag of things you can use to change your appearance slightly. A different pair of earrings, a hair clip, different shoes, a jacket, stickers, bright lipstick, etc. Tell everyone to take a really good look at you. Notice what you’re wearing, your hair, try to memorize everything about you. Then go out into the hall (or somewhere they can’t see you) and change something about yourself. Come back in and tell them to look for something that’s different while you sing your review song. When they spot it tell them to touch their noses (but KEEP singing!). At the end of the song pick someone to tell what’s different about you.

In Senior Primary, you can reward the person who guesses right in a number of different ways. You can let them conduct the song the next time through (and then you could roam around the room and see who’s really paying attention!) You can let them pick Who to Sing or a Ways to Sing card. You could let them pick which song to sing next, or their favorite verse of the song you’re reviewing. You could let them pick a rhythm for everyone to clap while they sing. You could let them do actions for the rest of the group to follow (a la Do As I’m Doing). So many possibilities!

In Junior Primary, you can reward the correct guesser by conducting next to you, or just conducting the volume by raising or lowering their hand. You can let them pick their favorite song, or a wiggle song to sing. You could let them sit in a grown-up chair at the front and have the rest of the primary perform just for them. Or my personal favorite, you can let them come out into the hall with you and pick what you’ll change next!


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I Belong to the Church WOOD


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