When I Am Baptized { A Poster }

It’s here! June’s poster is ready for you to print and introduce When I Am Baptized this Sunday! (Can you believe it’s June already?) Since this song was in last year’s program, I already have a flip chart made! But don’t worry, I didn’t teach this song to the whole primary, so I’ll have a FULL lesson plan for teaching this song up soon! On to the poster:

When I am Baptized Poster {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 11.31.07 AM

Of course I had to include some raindrops and rainbows with this song! I also have some Subway Art for this song in my etsy shop!

When I Am Baptized Boy WOOD

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Something’s Different, Sister ___________

This is a low-prep activity that you can use to review anything that works equally well for both Junior and Senior Primary! Bring a bag of things you can use to change your appearance slightly. A different pair of earrings, a hair clip, different shoes, a jacket, stickers, bright lipstick, etc. Tell everyone to take a really good look at you. Notice what you’re wearing, your hair, try to memorize everything about you. Then go out into the hall (or somewhere they can’t see you) and change something about yourself. Come back in and tell them to look for something that’s different while you sing your review song. When they spot it tell them to touch their noses (but KEEP singing!). At the end of the song pick someone to tell what’s different about you.

In Senior Primary, you can reward the person who guesses right in a number of different ways. You can let them conduct the song the next time through (and then you could roam around the room and see who’s really paying attention!) You can let them pick Who to Sing or a Ways to Sing card. You could let them pick which song to sing next, or their favorite verse of the song you’re reviewing. You could let them pick a rhythm for everyone to clap while they sing. You could let them do actions for the rest of the group to follow (a la Do As I’m Doing). So many possibilities!

In Junior Primary, you can reward the correct guesser by conducting next to you, or just conducting the volume by raising or lowering their hand. You can let them pick their favorite song, or a wiggle song to sing. You could let them sit in a grown-up chair at the front and have the rest of the primary perform just for them. Or my personal favorite, you can let them come out into the hall with you and pick what you’ll change next!


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I Belong to the Church WOOD

{ Reviewing } We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet

Sometimes I find it a lot harder to review songs with Junior Primary than with Senior, but I have learned that they like to hear you tell stories! (Well, short stories. They have the attention spans of…well, 3 year olds.) I’ve also learned that they don’t usually know the answers to questions I ask them about scripture stories which is understandable since they’ve only had maybe 18 months of their lives to learn them. Keeping that in mind, I knew we were going to need a lot of review for this song because of its length. I started with my Prophets that I use for Follow the Prophet in Nursery which you can print and read about here. I already had all the resources I needed right there in my nursery bag and my brain! Don’t you love when things work out that way?

I thought about writing out the stories to go with the prophets, but first of all, I think most of you guys know them already, and even if you don’t know them yet, your primary will be SO MUCH MORE engaged and entertained if you can keep eye contact with them and really get into the story. So instead I decided to give you the scripture reference of where they can be found just in case you need a refresher! And of course there are plenty of other equally wonderful stories about each of these prophets that you could tell!


1 Nephi 18:11-20

Nephi’s wicked brothers Laman and Lemuel tied him up on the ship he had just built for them all to sail across the ocean. Nephi was rescued by Heavenly Father who caused a big storm to scare them and set Nephi free.

Joseph Smith

JS-H 1: 13-20

Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision.


Helaman 16: 2-8

Samuel preaches to the Nephites on the wall of the city and cannot be hit with their arrows.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 3.19.41 PM

I used President Monson’s experience as a little boy giving a train set at Christmas time. You can read his account of it here.


Genesis 7

Noah’s Ark, of course! This was one of the few that they knew, so ask them if they can tell you the story first and see how far you get!


Moses 7:66-69

The City of Enoch is taken up into heaven.


Daniel 6:16-24

Daniel in the lion’s den.


Exodus 14:21-28

Moses parts the Red Sea.

I used 8 prophets because I thought we needed to review the song line by line. We reviewed each line and then I looked for a good singer to come up and choose a picture of a prophet that they would like to learn about. To adapt this activity for Senior Primary, I would ask one child to choose a prophet and then tell us everything they knew about him. If they couldn’t remember the story listed above I would either tell it to them or have them look it up in their scriptures depending on how much time we had.


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We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet PREVIEW

Teaching We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet

There are some really great ideas for teaching this song in the Sharing Time Outline! I liked a lot of them but I wanted to put my own twist on things, so I made my own word strips. Each line of the song is cut in half and matched with color and a little picture to make it easy to put together. I think that makes it more usable for both junior and senior primary groups!

We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet Word Strips {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 2.08.21 PM

You can use these to teach this song for the first time, or to review it in a lot of different ways. In Senior Primary, I started with just the first halves of each line up on the board. I had our pianist play through it once while they listened, and while a lot of them said they had heard it before, only one of them knew the name. But, once we started singing it, just having the first line up was enough for them to be able to remember it well enough to sing through it pretty completely. As I went over each line, I put up the second half until all the word strips were up. This went really fast since the song was somewhat familiar. We did talk for a minute about the meaning of the line “Bestowed by thy bounteous hand” and we also talked about why we say words like “Thee” and “Thy”. Once all the strips were up, I had a child who was singing well come up and pick two strips to hide somewhere in the room. I told them we were hiding them for Junior Primary so to think about how high and how difficult to hide them for the younger children. Once all the strips were hidden again, I picked three children to walk around the room while we sang and see if they could find just the first halves of each line. This turned out to be trickier than I thought it would be! I thought they would have figured out that the picture was always on the left side for the first part of the line but they didn’t. It was still very effective though, because they would bring up the wrong half of the line and then I would ask the rest of the primary if it was a first half or not. Then the child that had brought it up had to say what the whole line was and then go and find the actual first half and re-hide the second.

When Junior primary came in right after Senior, all the second halves of the lyrics were hidden. I told them we were learning a song called “We Thank Thee O God, for a Prophet” and we talked about who our prophet is today (we have a picture of President Monson above the chalkboard) and who some other prophets have been in the past. Then we learned the first half of the first line (“We Thank Thee”) and I held up the word strip and showed it to each row up close. I asked them what picture was on it (a person behind a podium talking into a microphone) and I had them guess what they thought could be in the second part of the line. I explained that the rest of the line would be on the exact same color and have the exact same picture on it as the first half. Then, I sent one child to find the second half. When they did, we reviewed the words and made sure that each picture and color matched. We went through each line this way. We took a break in the middle for  a couple of wiggle songs and then finished the rest of the song.

There are a lot of ways to review with these strips as well. You could start with all the strips on the board in the wrong order and have a child put them in order as you sing, or you could have all the first or second halves in the right place and then scramble the other half. You could hide all or half of the strips taped underneath chairs in the room and have the person with the right strip come up when you sing their line. You could do a call and response where one half of the room only sings the first half of the line and the other half only sings the second. You could print several copies and have a race to see which class or other group could put the words in order the fastest. There’s a lot of possibilities here! If you have other ideas on how to use these strips, post them in the comments!


We Thank Thee, O God For A Prophet { A Poster…OK Two }

It’s a brand new month! Time to introduce a brand new song! This month’s theme is “Prophets Teach Us to Live the Restored Gospel” and in this year’s outline it suggests “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet” which I thought was perfect for my primary! It’s catchy, we’ll probably only learn one verse so it won’t take very long to learn and I like the idea of teaching at least one hymn each year. Here’s the poster:

We Thank Thee, O God For a Prophet Poster {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 8.50.41 PM

If you’re looking for a lighter option that is perfect for springtime consider “The Prophet Said to Plant A Garden”. It’s one of my favorite melodies in the Children’s Songbook and it’s not one that gets sung very often. And I have to say this was by far my favorite poster to design thus far. I hope you love it too!

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 8.57.52 PM

Good luck with your new May song!