“Guess What?” { The Golden Plates Review Activity }

This is a review idea that works great with Senior Primary or combined primaries! This was especially right for me this week because I wanted to review the first verse that we learned last week, and also teach the second verse. To play,  prepare a picture for each line of the song you want to review or learn. Come up with a few facts or interesting tid bits about the things or people in each picture. Like this:

  • This was hidden in many places like inside a hollow log, under a stone in a fireplace, inside a barrel of beans and under grain in a barn loft.
  • Eleven different people wrote directly on these
  • Joseph Smith first learned about these from Moroni, but it took him 4 years of preparation and learning to get them.

When they guess what it is, teach them (or review) the lyric that goes with it and post the picture at the front of the room so they have something to remind them of the words.

You could easily adapt this activity for any song with your own pictures and clues, but I have a file all ready for you to go for The Golden Plates. There are pictures and corresponding clues to go with each one!

The Golden Plates Guess What? {PDF}

In Junior Primary, I used the same pictures to help them remember the words and I used my Ways to Sing Cards to review and repeat. We talked a little bit about each picture and why it helped us to remember the words to our song.



2 thoughts on ““Guess What?” { The Golden Plates Review Activity }

  1. You’re amazing! I had a hectic week, and didn’t have time to prepare for my lesson like I should have. I was praying for inspiration and I had the thought to check your website. I found this, and it is perfect! We are reviewing the first verse and learning the second this week too:) I love how you have this way of teaching the song, but still teaching them about the gospel at the same time:) I love it!

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