A General Conference Packet { for Grown-Ups }

I love the Church’s general conference notebook for kids, in fact I have several of my own all marked up (and colored…) You can find and print their notebook here. And check out some of those “Conference Squares” and “Conference Coloring” pages too. They’re some of my favorite parts of Conference!

But, this year I decided to mature just a LITTLE bit and I made a more grown-up geared Conference notebook! (Don’t worry I still included a couple of those fun pages too!) The cover looks like this:

You can fill in your name and date and then get to work coloring that picture! I find coloring a very soothing and totally appropriate activity while listening to Conference!
Then there’s a page where you can jot down some things you want to focus on this conference. Topics you’re curious about, questions you want answers to, whatever floats your boat.

Next is a page where you can record all the new stuff that gets announced at Conference! There’s a spot for Callings, Releases, Temples and Other cool new information!

Then it’s on to the speakers’ pages. I made one for each member of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. It includes their picture, name and a spot where you can write in what you think the title of the talk will be. I think it’s cool to compare what you write to what the official title of the talk is when it comes out.
Then there’s a lot of empty space for you to take notes or draw diagrams or make a chart or whatever you’re inspired to write! At the bottom, there’s a little box for writing the scripture references they used and another one for writing the things that really stuck out to you. Under those is a spot for you to write “The Main Idea” of the talk – a short phrase that sums it all up.
There’s also a page where you can fill in the name of the speaker and their calling for all the other Authorities that will speak. I usually just write notes on those on the backs of pages to save paper (and bulk in my notebook) but you can also print several copies of the sheet.
Next are a couple of super fun activity sheets, stolen from the kids’ version, and then a page where you can write down things you want to study more in depth later. On that page there’s a spot for you to write down topics, scriptures, or people that are mentioned which have piqued your interest. And a spot for you to write questions you have so you can find answers later. I know people suggest that you have a couple of questions and listen for answers to them during Conference, and that’s a great way to study, but I always have a lot of questions because of listening to the speakers. That’s why I created a box just for them.
You can print your copy below!


You are welcome (and encouraged!) to print and share these packets with as many people as you’d like. They would make great Visiting Teaching gifts, a Family Home Evening Activity or just to pass out to your family!

5 thoughts on “A General Conference Packet { for Grown-Ups }

  1. I really like this packet!!! Thank you for your hard work. Unfortunately though I cant print it unless I pay to subscribe to scrib ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Scribd is a free service! You do not have to pay a cent to download this file. You may be required to start a free account with an email and password, but there aren’t any charges associated! For this file I had to use another service because the size of it was too big to host here on my blog. I hope you are able to print it and enjoy it for this upcoming conference!

  2. When I follow the link to download the document it brings me to a screen that says I can either pay $8.99 for 1 day access, $8.99 for monthly or $3.99 yearly per month. I don’t see anyway to print the file.

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