“Guess What?” { The Golden Plates Review Activity }

This is a review idea that works great with Senior Primary or combined primaries! This was especially right for me this week because I wanted to review the first verse that we learned last week, and also teach the second verse. To play,  prepare a picture for each line of the song you want to review or learn. Come up with a few facts or interesting tid bits about the things or people in each picture. Like this:

  • This was hidden in many places like inside a hollow log, under a stone in a fireplace, inside a barrel of beans and under grain in a barn loft.
  • Eleven different people wrote directly on these
  • Joseph Smith first learned about these from Moroni, but it took him 4 years of preparation and learning to get them.

When they guess what it is, teach them (or review) the lyric that goes with it and post the picture at the front of the room so they have something to remind them of the words.

You could easily adapt this activity for any song with your own pictures and clues, but I have a file all ready for you to go for The Golden Plates. There are pictures and corresponding clues to go with each one!

The Golden Plates Guess What? {PDF}

In Junior Primary, I used the same pictures to help them remember the words and I used my Ways to Sing Cards to review and repeat. We talked a little bit about each picture and why it helped us to remember the words to our song.



The Golden Plates

The Golden Plates Subway Art {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 2.14.06 PM

What do you think? Do you like these subway art style posters better than the others? I kind of think I do. Maybe I’ll do more of these soon!

Since this one has all the words for both verses of this song, it would be great for a reminder for the older kids! You could teach with this poster as well if you cut it up and built it like a puzzle, or you could cut blank paper in the shapes of the phrases and cover them as you learn it.

I started teaching this song today in our primary. I started by telling them the story of how Joseph Smith got the Gold Plates. I found this little illustrated story from the Friend on the Church website and sort of used it as a guide. Then we went through each line me singing and them repeating it back to me. We spent a minute talking about what “confide” means.

Then I told them that we were going to learn some Italian. We talked about dynamics and how they tell you what volume to sing in music. In Junior Primary we learned piano, forte, and mezzo piano and forte. I showed them how I could conduct to show them how loud or soft to sing by raising and lowering my left hand. I showed them were forte was first and then where each of the other levels were. Then we sang it through a couple of times and then I picked a kid to come up and lead the volume. I had them show us where the different levels were like a little quiz. We left it there in Junior Primary, and in Senior Primary we went on to talk about fortissimo and pianissimo and ended with crescendos and decrescendos. We sang through the song a lot! And they were happy to do it for the challenge of following the leader. I hope your April songs are going well!


A General Conference Packet { for Grown-Ups }

I love the Church’s general conference notebook for kids, in fact I have several of my own all marked up (and colored…) You can find and print their notebook here. And check out some of those “Conference Squares” and “Conference Coloring” pages too. They’re some of my favorite parts of Conference!

But, this year I decided to mature just a LITTLE bit and I made a more grown-up geared Conference notebook! (Don’t worry I still included a couple of those fun pages too!) The cover looks like this:

You can fill in your name and date and then get to work coloring that picture! I find coloring a very soothing and totally appropriate activity while listening to Conference!
Then there’s a page where you can jot down some things you want to focus on this conference. Topics you’re curious about, questions you want answers to, whatever floats your boat.

Next is a page where you can record all the new stuff that gets announced at Conference! There’s a spot for Callings, Releases, Temples and Other cool new information!

Then it’s on to the speakers’ pages. I made one for each member of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. It includes their picture, name and a spot where you can write in what you think the title of the talk will be. I think it’s cool to compare what you write to what the official title of the talk is when it comes out.
Then there’s a lot of empty space for you to take notes or draw diagrams or make a chart or whatever you’re inspired to write! At the bottom, there’s a little box for writing the scripture references they used and another one for writing the things that really stuck out to you. Under those is a spot for you to write “The Main Idea” of the talk – a short phrase that sums it all up.
There’s also a page where you can fill in the name of the speaker and their calling for all the other Authorities that will speak. I usually just write notes on those on the backs of pages to save paper (and bulk in my notebook) but you can also print several copies of the sheet.
Next are a couple of super fun activity sheets, stolen from the kids’ version, and then a page where you can write down things you want to study more in depth later. On that page there’s a spot for you to write down topics, scriptures, or people that are mentioned which have piqued your interest. And a spot for you to write questions you have so you can find answers later. I know people suggest that you have a couple of questions and listen for answers to them during Conference, and that’s a great way to study, but I always have a lot of questions because of listening to the speakers. That’s why I created a box just for them.
You can print your copy below!


You are welcome (and encouraged!) to print and share these packets with as many people as you’d like. They would make great Visiting Teaching gifts, a Family Home Evening Activity or just to pass out to your family!