Easter Review – If The Savior Stood Beside Me

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Easter Eggs and Basket Singing Time REVISED {PDF}

**Note, if you downloaded this file prior to 3/28/13, you will notice that the first egg says “John 31:15” but it should be 13:15.  You could re-download or you could just watch your kids struggle to find the 31st book of John. Either way**

It was very clear to me that we still needed to spend some time with this song! But I still wanted to reinforce the message and importance of Easter, so I came up with this activity to do both! We’ll be using the same visuals in both Junior and Senior primaries but in a totally different way. This would work great if you wanted to use actual Easter eggs and put the scripture references inside too!

Senior Primary

On each egg there is a scripture reference that corresponds with one of the verses of If the Savior Stood Beside Me. There is a key sheet included in the PDF file so you can keep track and help your kids recognize which line of the song the verse goes with if you need to. I also included a few fun review songs and a special egg with a star so we could sing all three verses together. To start this activity, I’ll have one child come up and pick an egg. They’ll look for the verse on it while we sing the song through once to review it. I like to organize it that way so we can get through as much singing as possible and so everyone has something to do all the time. When we’re done singing, the child who found the scripture verse will read it to us (or I will if they don’t feel comfortable). Then we’ll decide which verse (or other song) it matches and sing it. I really like incorporating scriptures when I can, especially if they have the opportunity to find them on their own and get familiar with where things are in the scriptures. We’ll collect the eggs in the basket (included in the PDF) as we go.

Junior Primary

Last week, we played hot and cold, which they had such a good time with! So I thought this week we could do something similar with this Easter activity! It will be kind of a combination of hot/cold and pin the tail on the donkey. I’ll have the basket posted at the front of the room. Then I’ll pick someone to come up and pick their favorite egg (I won’t be using the scripture reference with this age group) and get blindfolded. We’ll spin them around a few times and then let them see if they can put their egg in the basket. The rest of the primary will sing soft if they are far away from the basket and loud as they get closer to help them find it.

Combined Primaries

If you have both junior and senior primaries together, you can combine both activities above! Have a member of senior primary come up and pick an egg and find the scripture verse on it while the rest of the primary is singing. Let them read the scripture and then decide which verse it goes with. Then, as you’re singing that verse, have a member of junior primary blindfolded and trying to put the egg in the basket while another member of senior primary has chosen the next egg and is finding the scripture. I think this activity would be really cool with both groups together!



4 thoughts on “Easter Review – If The Savior Stood Beside Me

  1. LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing! One note, I think John 31:15 should be John 13:15. There is no chapter 31 in the book of John. 🙂

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  3. I can’t thank you enough! I was trying to think of a way to still practice this song, keep the spirit and have a little Easter fun also! Great Ideas!

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