If The Savior Stood Beside Me { Verse 3 }

The third verse of this song really drives home the whole message. The Savior IS beside us all the time, He IS watching over us and he wants us to make good decisions so we can be happy and return to live with him. To introduce this verse, start by asking who is this song about? Jesus Christ. And what name do we use for him when we sing this song? The Savior. And He has some other names too! (See how many your kids can remember!) Like Redeemer, Lord, Light of the World, Messiah AND The Good Shepherd. What’s a shepherd? A guy that raises sheep. And they’re REALLY important to him. In fact if that guy had a hundred sheep and one of them got lost, he’d go looking for it. And he’d do EVERYTHING he could to find it and bring it back to join him and all the other sheep that didn’t get lost. Have you heard a story like that before? It’s a type of story called a parable. Christ used stories called parables to teach us something. In this story, Christ is the shepherd. Who do you think the sheep are? ( I love having conversations like this with my primary kids because their answers are always surprising. Either they know a lot more than I think they will or they say something that is totally off the wall and hilarious. Sometimes you get both. ) The Savior is always watching out for us even though we can’t see Him. Now you’re ready to sing the third verse! Once you’ve sung it through and talked about the message, it’s time for a review game!



It’s time to find a lost sheep! (See what we did there.) So, you’ll need a sheep. You can use the one above or if you have a stuffed sheep that would be perfect (isn’t that one adorable?)! We’ll play a few rounds of the classic primary game hot and cold. One kid will go outside and wait in the hallway while we hide the sheep somewhere in the primary room. We’ll invite them back inside and sing softly when they’re far away from the sheep and nice and loud when they get closer. My kids love this game and we haven’t played it in months. But, any ideas for giving it a little twist? I’d love to hear them!



4 thoughts on “If The Savior Stood Beside Me { Verse 3 }

  1. I like the sheep and shepherd idea! One thing that came to mind that I did for a sharing time was to have a drawing of a sheep with each child’s name on it taped all over the room. You can sing through the song while they walk around trying to find the sheep with their name on it.

  2. I tried a little variation. I got 2 little lambs to find for the Senior Primary. One for the girls & one for the boys. They hid them both at the same time, and the 1st one to find the little lamb, got a point for the team. However, to prevent them from hiding it in an easy place to win easily…..I had the girls hide the boy lamb, and the boys hind the girl lamb. However. It didn’t go too smoothly….perhaps, because I didn’t explain it well enough. The girls were too busy trying to find a great hiding place, that they didn’t pay attention to where the boys hid theirs, so they didn’t know when to sing loud or soft…and vice-verse. We tried it 3 or 4 times…and they were finally starting to think about getting the hang of it. So, perhaps if we did it again on a future date, they would do better.

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