If the Savior Stood Beside Me

If you’re unfamiliar with this song, you should go HERE to hear a TON of different arrangements and just in case three verses of this song weren’t enough, there’s three more there for you. (I’m sticking to three!) On the poster I made for this song, I put footprints all around the border because i thought they were a great connection to this song. So, in keeping with that theme, I made these!

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 1.04.23 PM

If The Savior Stood Beside Me Footprints {PDF}

If The Savior Stood Beside Me Footprints {WORD}

There’s a footprint for each phrase of the first verse! (*Now the words for the Second Verse are available at the bottom of this post!*) I’ll be using them a little bit differently in Junior and Senior primary. I was concerned with just using these footprints in Junior primary (especially since we recently reorganized ours so it’s just 3-5 year olds) and I was going to make some visuals for them also. But then I found this post (on a new blog I think? YAY!) with the PERFECT pictures, and there weren’t even words on the page! Just what I needed!

For Junior primary, I’ll be using the pictures at the front of the room so everyone can see them while we have fun with the footprints on the floor! As we learn each phrase on the footprints, I’ll put up the corresponding picture up front and the footprint on the floor. Then I’ll let one of the kids come up and walk on the footprints we’ve earned! I’ll place the footprints so that they lead behind the piano, where our pianist will have a surprise for them! I’ll probably let her have the sparkly star wand I like to use when I let kids conduct. I haven’t used it in Junior Primary much this year and the kids really like it! Do whatever will work and get your kids excited.

In Senior primary, we’ll be using the footprints again, and I’ll probably skip the pictures. My older kids don’t really need them and they like a faster pace, so really using both pictures and the footprints would just slow them down. I’ll have the footprints taped to the bottom of their chairs. Then I’ll sing the song once through for them (I know a couple of them remember this one at least sort of from when this song was part of the program several years ago) and then I’ll tell them to look under their chairs. I’ll ask them who has the first words and see how far they can get with recognizing the words in order. Once we get stuck, we’ll sing it again until we get to the end. I’ll post the footprints up front as we go so they can see the words. When we’ve learned the whole verse, I’ll have someone come up and take down one or two footprints until we are singing with no words at all (er, you know what I mean!)

**UPDATE** Here’s footprints for the second verse too!

Footprints Verse 2 If the Savior Stood Beside Me {PDF}



4 thoughts on “If the Savior Stood Beside Me

  1. I just found your blog! Thanks for being willing to share all your hard work! People like you make it possible for non-creative people, like me, to be successful in primary. Really, you are appreciated!

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