April Singing Time Posters!

The theme for April is the Restoration! I will be teaching The Golden Plates to my primary, but I made a couple of other posters for some songs that fit this theme as well. As you’ll see below, they have the same background picture which I think could work for a lot of songs about The Restoration, so I included a Word Document of that image as well so you can put your own song title on it! Hopefully that will work for a lot of you!

The Golden Plates Poster April {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 12.33.38 PM

The Sacred Grove Poster Sunbeam {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 12.37.37 PM

On A Golden Springtime Poster Sunbeam {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 12.40.39 PM

April Singing Time Background Poster – Restoration {WORD}

I’m so excited to start a new song next week! If you’re still looking for some Easter ideas you can check out my Easter Egg Review for If the Savior Stood Beside Me OR my Easter Puzzle review!




Footprints for Verse 3 ITSSBM

I’ve had a lot of requests for footprints containing the lyrics for Verse 3 of If the Savior Stood Beside Me like the ones I have here for Verses 1 and 2. If you want to see how I taught verse 3 (I didn’t use these) you can see that here. If you want to see how I did use these for verses 1&2 you can go here.

If the Savior Stood Beside Me Verse Three Footprints {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 6.12.38 PM

Check back tomorrow for some really great posters for songs you might be teaching in April!



Easter Review – If The Savior Stood Beside Me

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 7.48.25 PM

Easter Eggs and Basket Singing Time REVISED {PDF}

**Note, if you downloaded this file prior to 3/28/13, you will notice that the first egg says “John 31:15” but it should be 13:15.  You could re-download or you could just watch your kids struggle to find the 31st book of John. Either way**

It was very clear to me that we still needed to spend some time with this song! But I still wanted to reinforce the message and importance of Easter, so I came up with this activity to do both! We’ll be using the same visuals in both Junior and Senior primaries but in a totally different way. This would work great if you wanted to use actual Easter eggs and put the scripture references inside too!

Senior Primary

On each egg there is a scripture reference that corresponds with one of the verses of If the Savior Stood Beside Me. There is a key sheet included in the PDF file so you can keep track and help your kids recognize which line of the song the verse goes with if you need to. I also included a few fun review songs and a special egg with a star so we could sing all three verses together. To start this activity, I’ll have one child come up and pick an egg. They’ll look for the verse on it while we sing the song through once to review it. I like to organize it that way so we can get through as much singing as possible and so everyone has something to do all the time. When we’re done singing, the child who found the scripture verse will read it to us (or I will if they don’t feel comfortable). Then we’ll decide which verse (or other song) it matches and sing it. I really like incorporating scriptures when I can, especially if they have the opportunity to find them on their own and get familiar with where things are in the scriptures. We’ll collect the eggs in the basket (included in the PDF) as we go.

Junior Primary

Last week, we played hot and cold, which they had such a good time with! So I thought this week we could do something similar with this Easter activity! It will be kind of a combination of hot/cold and pin the tail on the donkey. I’ll have the basket posted at the front of the room. Then I’ll pick someone to come up and pick their favorite egg (I won’t be using the scripture reference with this age group) and get blindfolded. We’ll spin them around a few times and then let them see if they can put their egg in the basket. The rest of the primary will sing soft if they are far away from the basket and loud as they get closer to help them find it.

Combined Primaries

If you have both junior and senior primaries together, you can combine both activities above! Have a member of senior primary come up and pick an egg and find the scripture verse on it while the rest of the primary is singing. Let them read the scripture and then decide which verse it goes with. Then, as you’re singing that verse, have a member of junior primary blindfolded and trying to put the egg in the basket while another member of senior primary has chosen the next egg and is finding the scripture. I think this activity would be really cool with both groups together!


If The Savior Stood Beside Me { Verse 3 }

The third verse of this song really drives home the whole message. The Savior IS beside us all the time, He IS watching over us and he wants us to make good decisions so we can be happy and return to live with him. To introduce this verse, start by asking who is this song about? Jesus Christ. And what name do we use for him when we sing this song? The Savior. And He has some other names too! (See how many your kids can remember!) Like Redeemer, Lord, Light of the World, Messiah AND The Good Shepherd. What’s a shepherd? A guy that raises sheep. And they’re REALLY important to him. In fact if that guy had a hundred sheep and one of them got lost, he’d go looking for it. And he’d do EVERYTHING he could to find it and bring it back to join him and all the other sheep that didn’t get lost. Have you heard a story like that before? It’s a type of story called a parable. Christ used stories called parables to teach us something. In this story, Christ is the shepherd. Who do you think the sheep are? ( I love having conversations like this with my primary kids because their answers are always surprising. Either they know a lot more than I think they will or they say something that is totally off the wall and hilarious. Sometimes you get both. ) The Savior is always watching out for us even though we can’t see Him. Now you’re ready to sing the third verse! Once you’ve sung it through and talked about the message, it’s time for a review game!



It’s time to find a lost sheep! (See what we did there.) So, you’ll need a sheep. You can use the one above or if you have a stuffed sheep that would be perfect (isn’t that one adorable?)! We’ll play a few rounds of the classic primary game hot and cold. One kid will go outside and wait in the hallway while we hide the sheep somewhere in the primary room. We’ll invite them back inside and sing softly when they’re far away from the sheep and nice and loud when they get closer. My kids love this game and we haven’t played it in months. But, any ideas for giving it a little twist? I’d love to hear them!


If the Savior Stood Beside Me

If you’re unfamiliar with this song, you should go HERE to hear a TON of different arrangements and just in case three verses of this song weren’t enough, there’s three more there for you. (I’m sticking to three!) On the poster I made for this song, I put footprints all around the border because i thought they were a great connection to this song. So, in keeping with that theme, I made these!

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 1.04.23 PM

If The Savior Stood Beside Me Footprints {PDF}

If The Savior Stood Beside Me Footprints {WORD}

There’s a footprint for each phrase of the first verse! (*Now the words for the Second Verse are available at the bottom of this post!*) I’ll be using them a little bit differently in Junior and Senior primary. I was concerned with just using these footprints in Junior primary (especially since we recently reorganized ours so it’s just 3-5 year olds) and I was going to make some visuals for them also. But then I found this post (on a new blog I think? YAY!) with the PERFECT pictures, and there weren’t even words on the page! Just what I needed!

For Junior primary, I’ll be using the pictures at the front of the room so everyone can see them while we have fun with the footprints on the floor! As we learn each phrase on the footprints, I’ll put up the corresponding picture up front and the footprint on the floor. Then I’ll let one of the kids come up and walk on the footprints we’ve earned! I’ll place the footprints so that they lead behind the piano, where our pianist will have a surprise for them! I’ll probably let her have the sparkly star wand I like to use when I let kids conduct. I haven’t used it in Junior Primary much this year and the kids really like it! Do whatever will work and get your kids excited.

In Senior primary, we’ll be using the footprints again, and I’ll probably skip the pictures. My older kids don’t really need them and they like a faster pace, so really using both pictures and the footprints would just slow them down. I’ll have the footprints taped to the bottom of their chairs. Then I’ll sing the song once through for them (I know a couple of them remember this one at least sort of from when this song was part of the program several years ago) and then I’ll tell them to look under their chairs. I’ll ask them who has the first words and see how far they can get with recognizing the words in order. Once we get stuck, we’ll sing it again until we get to the end. I’ll post the footprints up front as we go so they can see the words. When we’ve learned the whole verse, I’ll have someone come up and take down one or two footprints until we are singing with no words at all (er, you know what I mean!)

**UPDATE** Here’s footprints for the second verse too!

Footprints Verse 2 If the Savior Stood Beside Me {PDF}