Collecting Bugs { A Springtime Review }

I found this cute bug net at the dollar store several months ago and haven’t thought of anything to do with it until now! It’s one of these which have a nice long handle and a pretty large net. I think they called a Butterfly Net and a whole LOT of butterflies would fit inside!

Since spring is fast approaching (I hope!) I thought it was the perfect time for this lovely collection of bugs! Don’t worry, they’re actually cute bugs not nasty, scary, kill-you-in-the-middle-of-the-night bugs. There’s 9 of them, and they look something like this:

Bug Collection {PDF}

I’m going to be reviewing both verses of My Heavenly Father Loves Me this week, but you can use this idea with any song! All the bugs will be hidden around the room, and each will correspond to something that needs a little extra practice in our song. We’ve recently rearranged our Junior and Senior primary so that Junior primary is just Sunbeams and our 4&5 year old class, so I’m going to have different activities for each group.

Here’s some of my list for Junior Primary

  • Follow the leader! Do all the actions the leader does during the song!
  • Sing LOUD when the leader’s hand is high and SOFT when the leader’s hand is low!
  • Sing the second verse and count how many things He gave me!

Here’s a few for Senior Primary

  • Everyone conduct! (in two!)
  • ONLY do the actions, no singing!
  • Pick two words NOT to sing!

I hope your primary loves this activity! And let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear how else you use these in your primaries!



2 thoughts on “Collecting Bugs { A Springtime Review }

    • Sorry I didn’t explain that well! I just brought one net to primary and let the kids take it to collect the bugs when they went to find them around the room. It’s really not necessary for the activity, it just added another level to the excitement!

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