Valentine’s Day Singing Hearts

Those conversation hearts are so iconic for this holiday! They were the first thing I thought of when I decided I wanted to do a Valentine’s-themed singing time review! This review will work for WHATEVER you want to review, but I’m using it with just the first verse of My Heavenly Father Loves Me since it’s on the longer side and my kids weren’t very familiar with it when I taught it last week.

I made these hearts telling us how to sing! (And several of these are different from the ones I included in my Ways to Sing Cards!) Senior Primary and Junior Primary both love those, but I think it’s time to throw in some new actions, and I’m going to be using them a little differently in each group. Plus, even though they’re hearts, I can use these again even when it’s not Valentine’s Day! Talk about multitasking!

Valentine’s Singing Hearts { PDF }

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 7.09.55 PM

I tried to make some of the actions match with the holiday too!

In Junior Primary, I’ll hide these around the room and let them go and find one to tell us how to sing. Keeping it simple with this group since we’ve still got a lot of Sunbeams who are adjusting! Plus they love to be rewarded with getting out of their chairs! We’ll sing through the whole verse (or whatever you’re reviewing) that way.

In Senior Primary we’ll make it a little more challenging. I’ll have a child draw one card and then he/she will get to pick WHEN we do that action. For example, if a child draws “Hug Yourself!” and chooses “hear” then we’ll all hug ourselves ONLY when we sing the word “hear.” My kids in this age group love an even bigger challenge, so we’ll be stacking these actions! So if the next child draws “Pinch Your Cheeks” and chooses “Whenever” we’ll be hugging ourselves when we sing “hear” AND pinching our cheeks when we sing “whenever” (we’d have some sore cheeks!) and so on until the time is up!


(and Happy Valentine’s Day!)


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