The Every Last Lyric Game

Have you played that game where everyone has a piece of paper and there’s one set of dice and the first person has to start writing the numbers 1-100 as fast as they can while the next person rolls the dice until they get doubles? And then once they get doubles the person writing has to stop and the person who got the doubles starts writing as fast as they can until the next person rolls doubles and they have to stop? And then once one person has all 100 numbers written, they have to go back and check and make sure their list is 100% correct, like they didn’t skip any numbers or write one twice or something? Well, this is like that, but with words. Since it involves so much writing, this game is just gonna be for Senior Primary.

Start by having one child come up to the board with some chalk. Explain to them that their job is to write every last lyric of the song you’re reviewing. (That includes all those tiny words like and, to and the!) But, if they make a mistake, you’ll erase it and they’ll have to sit down! At the same time, have another child at a nearby table rolling two dice. Tell them it’s their job to roll doubles. (I tell them before we start that since they’re all so smart, they’ll realize that it’s best to keep the dice on the table so they can roll faster!) Once they roll doubles, it’s their turn to take over and write every last lyric. It also becomes their turn if the writer makes a mistake! I establish the order we’ll go in (up and down rows) before we start so that once the roller becomes the writer, the next roller is ready to go. (You may have to remind your primary that there is NO running at church! I do!) If you want to keep score (this game is still fun without it!) you can put little checkmarks around each person’s section of writing and then count who got the most right words.

I like this activity because the kids get really into it and because I can see whether or not my kids really know every last lyric! Sometimes there are kids who can kind of blend into the crowd and lip sync a little bit, but there’s no hiding in this activity. You’ll know exactly what you need to review and who needs it most by the end!



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