Introducing – My Heavenly Father Loves Me

February is fast approaching and I, like you, have been dreaming up ways to teach My Heavenly Father Loves Me. I have to say upfront that this is one of my favorite primary songs, I loved singing it when I was little and I’m excited to teach it! I don’t think many of my kids know this song (if any) so I’m planning on spending a decent amount of time with it. Even though it only has 2 verses, it’s pretty long so I’m thinking it’ll probably take me 3 weeks to teach. I’ve been having a lot of fun going back and studying this song and really pulling out some of the patterns in it. The central message is that our Heavenly Father loves us of course, but the lyrics really point out all the evidences all around us that prove that to us every day. And they’re things that we don’t notice so much in this technology-based world we’re in. In fact, I don’t think any of my kids have ever seen a lilac tree (I’m from the South). And, as you’ll learn in this activity, we’ve been blessed with all of our senses and our physical bodies to be able to enjoy them! It’s all pretty amazing, so I really wanted to pull out those main concepts when teaching it. Here’s how:

My Heavenly Father Loves Me {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 8.00.26 PMScreen shot 2013-01-25 at 8.00.37 PM

**UPDATE: Now you can print these in a larger, full-size page! Some of the pictures are a little fuzzier, but kids will be able to see them easily from the back row! Here it is in PDF and in Word so you can change or re-size whatever you’d like! Just print them double-sided and you’re good to go!

My Heavenly Father Loves Me LARGE {Word}

My Heavenly Father Loves Me LARGE {PDF}

Print out these cards (I promise they’re not all blue, the first ones just worked out that way!) and fold them in half so that one side is a picture and one side has the question. When you look at them all you’ll notice that the whole first verse is sensory experiences and ends with being glad at what Heavenly Father has created for us. Then, in the second verse, every other question points to a blessing that we’ve been given and how we might use it and ends with the central message, that Heavenly Father loves each of us individually. Pretty cool, right?

In Junior primary, I’m going to sing the whole song for them first, and have them listen for the answer for just the first question. Then I’ll post the picture side so they’ll have a reminder as we go, and we’ll sing the first line together. Then we’ll move on to the next question but I’ll only sing the line that the answer is in. Once they’ve answered the question we’ll sing just that line, then the first two lines together, and so on until we’ve learned the whole thing!

In Senior primary, I’ll post all of the cards with the question side showing up front and tell them to listen to answers for all of them as I sing the whole song through. We’ll see how many they remember (in order only!) and we’ll sing each line together as we turn the card over to the picture side. Once we’ve got the whole song down, we’ll start taking the pictures away until we can sing it without any help at all.



5 thoughts on “Introducing – My Heavenly Father Loves Me

  1. Hello! I love your icons and visuals for this song. Thank you! I am wondering if you have them as full size pictures. We have a large primary and it is hard for the kids to see the pictures on the back row. I try to make my pictures as full pages so everyone can see. I would love to use your lesson idea and print one side of a full sheet of paper with the question and the other side with a nice big picture. If you are willing to share your lesson in that format will you email it to me? I understand it may be a large file. If you want to send just the pictures, I can put the questions on the backs myself. I would really appreciate it, as would my back row sitters, :).

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