I Am A Child of God {Part 2}

For week 2 of learning I Am A Child of God, We’ll be learning the third verse. (I’m only teaching the first 3 verses to my primary, but if you have decided to teach all 4, you could adapt each of these activities for the third and fourth verse.)

Junior Primary

For junior primary, I’ll be using a story I found in the Friend from January of 2008. You can find it here. It’s included in the “For Little Friends” section, and it’s kind of a comic-style story about a little girl who gives a talk in primary about how she is a child of God.

I Am A Child of God Story – Junior Primary {PDF}

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 8.32.41 PM

I’m going to cut out each little box of the story. I’ll read the first one and then teach them the first line of the third verse. Once they’ve got it down (it’s the same as all the others!) I’ll read the next part of the story. They’ll have to earn the next parts of the story by singing each new line of the song and then the whole third verse. We’ll review the second song and then sing all three verses together to earn the last couple of pieces of the story!

Senior Primary

I don’t know about your senior primary, but mine learns songs really fast! Especially when it’s one they’re kind of familiar with. And when you think about it, with this song they only have to learn 3 new lines for each verse! The first line is always the same and they already know the chorus. My senior primary has been really fast at catching the words lately so I’ll just go over the third verse quickly with them and we’ll jump right into a review game. I feel like this method works better for most of them and the ones who need a little more time will get it in the review game.

We’ll be using these word strips:

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 10.02.50 PM

I Am a Child of God Word Strips-PDF

I’ll have one child come up and choose a strip, then decide if it is true or false. Then I’ll have the group decide which verse the strip goes with and we’ll sing it. For example, “Heavenly Father created the earth for his children to live on” is true. It goes with verse one’s line “Has given me an earthly home.” There are a couple that don’t go with a verse directly, so if we can’t pick one out, I’ll let them pick which verse we want to sing.

This senior primary plan is yet another lesson inspired by this book: I love the method of using these questions to really make our kids think about the gospel messages that are presented in the songs we’re teaching them. Even in the songs they already know, there are probably fundamental gospel messages that they just haven’t thought about because they’re so used to singing the words!

Hope this helps you finish up your lesson on I Am a Child of God!


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