Christmas Around the World

Our primary is singing in Sacrament meeting Sunday so I was looking for something fun and easy that would keep them interested and not feel like work at all because they have worked SO hard to learn the 3 songs we’re singing (I just hope too many people won’t be out of town)! We’ve decided to combine for Christmas and we wanted a light activity to combine Singing and Sharing time. I came up with Christmas Around the World!

Christmas Around the World { PDF }

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 11.42.55 AM

{ Just a little printing note: These are meant to be cards, so when you cut them out, don’t cut the flag and corresponding information! Instead, fold the information behind the flag so that only one or the other is visible! }

To use these country cards (There’s 12!!) post them flag side out at the front of the room. Have a child come and pick a flag, show it to the primary and see if anyone knows what country it’s from. Then read about the Christmas traditions and food from the back. Finish with saying “Merry Christmas” in the native language! Say it for the kids first and then invite them to say it with you (you may want to practice some of them first!).

My original intention was to have a song that corresponded with each country in some way, but I quickly found that to be really difficult and the connections I came up with were pretty far-fetched! (If you come up with some that work for you then share them with us!) So I think I’ll just have someone pick a favorite Christmas song to sing. You can let a kid pick if your primary knows a lot of Christmas songs, or if, like mine, your Primary only knows 4 Christmas songs, you can have an adult choose. I’m hoping that my kids will at least be somewhat familiar with the songs in the hymnal like Joy to the World and The First Noel.

If you wanted to be really fancy, you could have a little trinket from each country like Paper Hats from South Africa or a little ship from Greece. Let us know if you use this idea in your Primary and how you adapt it for you!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Around the World

  1. This is a super duper awesome idea!!!!! I will not be in town for Christmas, so I will have to archive this for next year! I have already printed up your super cool Christmas Tree and ornaments (on the back of which I wrote songs and affixed magnets) and I left them so that on the 30th, they can “un-decorate” the Christmas tree (I even made a little box for the ornaments to go into)! Thanks so very much!!! And Merry, Merry Christmas!

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