Build a Nativity on the Way to Grandmother’s House?

OK, so this activity is kind of a mash-up! We all know and love the song “Over the River and Through the Woods” and since most of us will be visiting Grandma and Grandpa or some other relatives, I thought it would be fun to go on a Christmas Road Trip! But I wanted it to be more church-friendly so I decided to also make it a build-a-nativity! Crazy? Maybe. But everyone’s grandma has a nativity set at her house right? So it totally ties together….

To play, print out the game board and game pieces below! (OR just one or the other, if both at the same time is too much for your primary! See the last paragraph of this post!)

Nativity Build Game Board { PDF }

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 8.24.10 PM

Nativity Build Game Pieces { PDF }

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 8.31.50 PM

Cut out the pieces on the first page of the game pieces printable and put them right on top of their matching pictures on the game board. Cut out the car and get ready to follow the Christmas lights on the way to Grandmother’s House! Along the way you’ll collect each piece of Grandmother’s lost nativity by singing super well! You can either write the name of a song on the back of each piece or a way to sing or you can have your kids think of a song that the picture goes with. Most of Christmas songs have at least one of these elements in them. Once you’ve collected a piece of the nativity, put it in the lovely little frame inside the game pieces pdf. Keep building your nativity as you review your Christmas songs!

Obviously if you don’t want to use the game board, you don’t have to. Just label your nativity pieces and put them together in the frame! OR you can just use the game board and don’t build the nativity!


P.S. You can make these and all your paper game elements last for years with this laminator I’ve had my eye on! It’s only $30 and ships free!


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