Christmas ABCs

I based this activity on one I found in the December 2011 Friend. You can see or print it here. They’re kind of small, and they have a lot of words that aren’t in that many Christmas songs so I made some ABC cards of my own that are a little bigger and have more words that are in the songs we need to review. There’s just 12, so not quite the whole alphabet, but I tried to use words that were in several different Christmas songs so this activity will be useful for everyone. If not all of these words are included, just leave some out. You’re not likely to get through 12 of them anyway!

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 10.31.34 PM

Christmas ABCs { PDF }

To play this game, I had each of the letter cards posted on the board. In Junior Primary, I folded the bottom of each card back so that the word and scripture verse weren’t visible. Then I had a child pick one of the letters (if you have alphabet magnets that would be a cool way to choose which letter to do!) They had to guess what they thought the letter represented based on the picture. Some they got really easily but others were difficult (like holy). If they couldn’t guess the word, I read the scripture verse to them and let them guess again. Then I asked the whole group to think of one of our Christmas songs that contained that word, and we sang it (some of these words are in more than one song my kids know). In Senior primary I left the card unfolded, so the kids just picked one they wanted to do (or one they remembered in a song quickly!) and while we sang it, they had to find the verse in the scripture and read it to us, so they got to practice their scripture chase skills.

I liked this game because it got my kids to remember very specific words in the songs we’re reviewing and gave us an opportunity to really connect them to the scriptures and the story of Jesus’ birth. Also, there are so many levels to this game. They look like they’re geared to preschool age children, and even my Sunbeams could identify the letters of the alphabet, and understood the connection to the first-letter sounds, and the scripture element is really geared to the 10 and up part of primary. I hope you find it engages all of your primary!



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