Singing { Christmas } Scripture Chase!

At the beginning of November, we learned “Books in the Book of Mormon” and I wanted to do a little activity with the scriptures so my kids could see how the song will help them to find scripture references. But then it was Thanksgiving, and we needed to get to work on some Christmas songs, so we never got the chance. It so happens that my primary learned our Christmas program SUPER fast! But I can’t justify using a Singing Time in December for non-Christmas songs when there’s such a small window that we get to sing them! We needed something to help us review our Christmas songs in a different way, so I came up with a Christmas Scripture Chase! There’s 2 versions, one for Senior Primary and one for Junior Primary.

Senior Scripture Chase

We have 3 songs we’re reviewing: Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus, A Shepherd’s Carol, and Silent Night. But I only wanted to use scripture references from the Book of Mormon, since that’s the other song I wanted them to review. I decided to use 2 references for each of the three songs. For Samuel I used Helaman 14:2 and 3 Nephi 1:19. For A Shepherd’s Carol, I used Mosiah 3:8 and 2 Nephi 10:14. For Silent Night, I used Alma 7:10 and I finished with Luke 2:8-9 just to throw them a curveball (and because the Book of Mormon doesn’t talk about the Shepherds).

To play, I made sure everyone had a Book of Mormon, then I explained some rules. There was no talking! You could only touch your own Book of Mormon! Once you found the scripture, you silently raised your hand! If your hand was up first, you would read the scripture, then someone else got to say which song they thought it went with. Then we would sing the song. Before we started, I told them that singing “The Books in the Book of Mormon” in their heads would help them to find the scripture references much faster than looking in the table of contents or just guessing.

I wrote the reference on the chalkboard for each round, just one at a time so that no one could move on to the next verse and get distracted before we were done. The kids really liked it and this was one activity where EVERYONE was participating, trying to find the scripture.

Junior Scripture Chase

Since Junior Primary is mostly non-readers, I adapted the scripture chase for them. Some of the scriptures are different, and instead of getting them to find the verse in their scriptures I used these:

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 3.27.48 PM

Junior Primary Scripture Chase {PDF}

They have the scripture reference and a picture that goes with it on the front and the scripture on the back. I taped them to the bottom of some of their chairs and then had them look underneath to see what they could find, one class at a time. Then I would read the verse (you may want to have them marked in your scriptures) and asked them to decide based on the scripture and the picture which song it went with.

I decided to use 8 cards for this group because they seem to get through things a little faster, and I thought they needed a little break for some fun songs!



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