5 Things { That Should be } on Your Primary Chorister Christmas List!

5. Primary Song Sing-Along DVD

Have you seen these before?! They’re like primary song karaoke! With cute and cheesy images that your primary kids will love to laugh at (mine do!) My kids feel super special when I pull this guy out. It makes the PERFECT sub plan, especially if your ward or branch is lacking in confident choristers. This version has several of the songs in the 2013 Theme, like I Am a Child of God and I Love to See the Temple, and some others your primary probably already knows and loves to sing.

4. 101 Music Games for Children

These are some of the best music games I’ve seen. They were developed for Elementary Level music teachers, but you don’t need experience with music to play! (You don’t even need to know how to read music for a lot of them!) SO MANY ideas. They work for all age levels, junior to senior primary. They’re even categorized into games that develop certain skills like listening (my kids need that one!) , concentration, creativity and building trust. Each game listing tells you which age group its appropriate for, what you’ll need and recommended numbers for playing. ANY SIZE primary can use these!

3. Handbells

If your ward doesn’t have a set of these, it’s time to invest. They’re EXCELLENT for Christmas programs (and other times of year too!), and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to use these things. Who knew bells would be such a big deal? This set of 8 is the cheapest I’ve found:

You can also get a different style bell, also in a set of 8:

2. Super Singing Activities and Super Little Singers

Ok, so technically this is two things, but one is geared to junior and senior age primary and the other is geared to Nursery. These books are ADORABLE. They have a bunch of ideas AND visual aids that are really cute and totally ready to use. You just cut them out (and I would suggest laminating them). Here’s the one for your main primary:

It comes in book OR CD-ROM format so you can always have the files to print from (handy!), just click on the image of the one you’d rather have. These sets are especially good for new choristers who are trying to build their collection of games and visual aids to choose from!

Who doesn’t need help in with their Nursery singing time. I’m always on the lookout for ways to make mine better. This is the one for Nursery:

1. Children’s Songbook Companion

This book is my absolute number one resource for ideas to use in primary. Especially when it comes to teaching new songs. If you don’t have a copy, you need to get yourself one and fast. I’m thoroughly convinced that every ward should have one to provide to their primary choristers. (Maybe use up any leftovers in your yearly budgets before January?) It’s written by some amazing women, one of whom has written songs published in the Children’s Songbook. For a while I felt like this book was antiquated because it’s all in black and white inside and it just seems kind of stodgy to me, but I was COMPLETELY wrong. These ideas and activities are timeless. And there’s like 5 activities for EACH song in the Children’s Songbook, and of course a ton of them can be adapted to whatever you’re learning. I wish I was as creative and in tune with teaching primary songs as these authors so obviously are!

So, there you have it! Some must-haves for your Singing Time Wish Lists! Let me know what else you’ll be asking for this Christmas!

And, (as always),



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