Roll a Turkey {A Thanksgiving Activity}

It’s Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but my primary has a lot going on this month! We’ve learned 2 Christmas songs, The Books in the Book of Mormon (a special request from our wise Primary President), and we’re gonna squeeze in a verse of “I Hope They Call Me On a Mission” too. But I don’t want Thanksgiving to get lost in the shuffle of things! So, we’re going to be learning “For Health and Strength” p. 21 in the Children’s Songbook. It’s ONE LINE. Yep. I know. But, it’s also a ROUND! And, as you may know, we’re learning Shepherd’s Carol right now too which is also a round! My kids have been having a little trouble with the singing at the same time thing. Especially in Junior primary, so I thought this could be extra practice for that skill as well! And even if you’re not using Shepherd’s Carol, it’ll be good practice for A Child’s Prayer, which we will be learning as part of the 2013 Primary Program!

But, we aren’t spending our WHOLE singing time on a one line song. Because that would be crazy. So I found this super cute Roll-a-Turkey drawing sheet on Pinterest. All you need is a dice and a chalkboard.

And you can download it here: Turkey Game for Kids Color PDF

We’re going to learn our short little song first, sing it through probably twice in different groups, then move on to review! Each time we sing one of our songs, I’ll look for a super singer to draw the next part of our turkey. (You have to keep rolling until you get something that hasn’t been drawn yet.) I don’t know if we’ll get a whole turkey done, maybe between junior and senior primary. I think this will be perfect for my primary, because the activity is Thanksgiving themed, but the songs can be whatever you’re working on! Thanksgiving or not. And use some cute stickers as a reward for Thankful singers!

HAPPY SINGING! (and Happy Thanksgiving!)


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