Pin the Tag on the Missionary

This month’s theme is missionary work! So we’ll be throwing in “I Hope They Call me on a Mission” with our Christmas review and a super short Thanksgiving song, and maybe even a week on The Books in the Book of Mormon (yikes, that’s a lot!) But I think this game could work for you all year round.  You can print your missionary and tags right here!

Pin the Tag on the Missionary PDF

Just grab a blindfold, cut out your tags and you’re ready to go! You could look for “super singers” to earn a tag, the most reverent children, or whoever can answer a question. At first I thought I would write a question on the back of each tag, but I think I’ll just have a list of questions in my binder to ask the children, and each right answer will earn a tag!

I think I’ll use some poster tack on the back of the tags so they’re removable, but if you wanted to make this game last for a long time, you’ll probably want to laminate everything. If you do laminate him, then you can use a transparency, or wet-erase marker to mark the spots where the tags get pinned and a little initial to keep track of who gets closest. One thing I’ve noticed playing this game in other settings is that kids, especially the older ones, will use their left hand to feel around for where another tag has been placed to see if they are in the right place. Once there’s 3 or 4 up there all over the place it doesn’t really matter so much, but I think I’ll have my senior primary keep one hand behind their back to minimize their creative cheating. Something to watch out for as you play!

You could use it for reviewing lots of songs if you’re still in program mode, or if you do a quarterly review (one of my goals!) by using questions from all different songs and then singing the song that corresponds to that question. If you split for junior and senior primary, you can make a harder question sheet for the older kids and you don’t have to switch out any tags (yay!). Or you could do review on just one song with lots of fill in the blank questions, or questions about a principle the song teaches (like how you can be a missionary now, or ways to prepare for serving a mission). Do whatever works for your primary!



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