In the Leafy Treetops {A Poster}

My primary kids don’t know this song! Isn’t that a tragedy!? I’m teaching it in Senior Primary tomorrow, and I went ahead and made a little poster too, like the “I Am A Child of God” poster I made in anticipation for next year’s theme! I know this is usually kind of a springtime song, but I never have time to fit in fun extras like this little gem in the spring with all the program songs and Easter, so I made this poster more Fall-like with the owls and the nice autumn orange!

In the Leafy Treetops Poster PDF



Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus

Yep, it’s time to start Christmas music! I love this song, and since the kids have studied the Book of Mormon this year, I thought this would be perfect! We’ll be starting this song tomorrow in both junior and senior primaries! When I taught Nephi’s Courage this year in junior primary, I used stick puppets which worked OK, and the kids loved them. I even had Junior Primary sing it with the puppets to the Senior Primary for our closing song one Sunday and the Senior primary kids were super jealous that they¬†hadn’t gotten to use them! So, I think I’ve worked out a couple of ways to use them so the activity is more age appropriate and really makes them focus on the words. But, first things first. You can find Samuel and a few extras here. They look like this:

You can also find them in the August 2012 Friend Magazine inside the back cover. (Every month there’s stick puppets for different Book of Mormon stories!) But we’ve got a lot of holes to fill to get a puppet to go with each phrase of the song. So I collected a few images around the web that go with each phrase, and if you don’t like them you can easily find some other options. I think you guys can figure out which pictures go with which phrase, but let me know if you have questions!

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus Pictures PDF

Just stick these on some Popsicle sticks (or pipe cleaners, or straws, or whatever you’ve got lying around the house!) and you’re ready! I’m gonna go phrase by phrase with one puppet at a time, and in Junior primary I’ll be looking for the best singer of that phrase to hold the puppet at the front of the room. By the end of the first verse, there will be 5 kids at the front of the room. At that point, I’ll tell everyone sitting that if they sing better than the kids up front, it will be their turn to hold the puppets. The best singers can “steal” the puppets, so EVERYONE is motivated, the kids already holding the sticks will be singing to keep them and the kids sitting down will be singing to steal them. (And more kids get to be up front!) Same thing through the chorus. That’s probably all we’ll get through with the little ones.

For senior primary, I’ll be using the same sticks, but I think I’ll teach it phrase by phrase first and just stick the puppets on the board like they’re just regular pictures. Once I’ve gone through the first verse, I’ll have one kid come up and pick one puppet whose phrase they know really well (our senior primary is really small, so these 5 puppets will likely take more than half of the kids!) and I’ll have them sing just their phrase, by themselves (maybe I’ll be nice and sing too) whenever it comes up. Then I’ll have them trade with the other kids up there and see if they can do it. Then it’ll be on to the chorus and we’ll do the same thing (making sure to get the kids who haven’t gotten up there yet!) and then we’ll scramble all of the people holding all of the puppets and see if they can put themselves back in order!

I hope you guys find these puppets useful and if you have other ideas for ways to use them let us know!!


General Conference Packet {for grown-ups}

I hope you’re all getting ready for General Conference next Sunday! I made a lovely packet that’s geared more toward adults than kids (because I LOVE the kids’ packets on that you can print! The cover looks like this:

You can read more about it and how it’s meant to be used in this post over on my other blog, Sunbeam Primary.

And you can print it below!

General Conference Packet {for Grown Ups}