I Am A Child of God { A Poster }

I am so excited about the 2013 Primary theme! “I Am a Child of God” it’s so simple and so important. If you don’t have a hard copy of next year’s outline, you can get a PDF here. All the songs we’ll be learning are what I think of as ‘classics’! Which is great for us, because we have so many kids with non-member and recently converted parents who have probably never heard these beautiful songs that teach such basic truths.

I have been so inspired, in fact, that I’m creating a little “poster” for each song (just regular paper-sized) that you can use in your primary! We use similar posters for each month’s sharing time theme, and I thought next year we could add these to go with the song we’re learning. I know it’s early, but I’ve already finished a couple of them! ( I may even create more than one version, so if you have suggestions let me know!) Here’s the one I created for January, “I Am a Child of God.”

I am a Child of God Poster PDF

As usual, there’s a couple of months where you choose a song that goes with the monthly theme, so if you have specific requests for those, let me know! I think I will do “The Golden Plates” for April, and the outline suggests “We Thank Thee, O God for a Prophet” for May, so I will have posters for both of those. I’m excited to hear what you are planning to use these for in your primaries!

Do you like these posters? Tell me below!



7 thoughts on “I Am A Child of God { A Poster }

    • I’m SO glad I found your blog! You are wonderful! FYI, we’ve decided to sing “Follow the Prophet” and “This is My Beloved Son” for those two “song of your choice” months. I would love to see some ideas for these, if you have any. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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