Latter Day Prophets

Our program is over! I can’t tell you the feeling of relief I had when I left on Sunday. The kids remembered almost all the words to their songs, and I was incredibly impressed. Junior Primary learned 9 songs and Senior Primary Learned 10! That’s a lot for kids to handle, but they were up to the challenge.

So…now that I don’t have the program to prepare them for, we’re on to singing whatever songs I feel like teaching them! (Within reason of course.) Next week we’re doing a fun rhythm activity based on the Blue Jello system and learning Keep the Commandments, since that’s September’s theme. More on that later, but right after that is October. You know what that means! General Conference!

I thought it would be great to learn the song “Latter Day Prophets.” This one’s gotten me out of many a jam in LDS trivia games and it helps with my very limited mental timeline of church history. I was completely inspired by this amazing blog post on In the Leafy Treetops which you can read here:

All of the pictures, ideas and the action sheet are available on her website as links at the bottom of the post. They go to scribd which is a totally safe file hosting site.

Here’s how I plan to teach it. I will teach them the first line, “Latter Day prophets are number one” and then in Sr. Primary I’ll probably ask them how many they can name. In Junior, I’ll probably just give them a few facts about Joseph Smith and see if they can guess who is first. Once we get Joseph Smith, I’ll teach them how his name is sung and post his picture up on the board. Then I’ll read the “fun fact” that goes with him, teach the hand action and post the little picture reminder. I’ll repeat this with each prophet. So, the name of the prophet, how we sing it (remember to include the whole phrase that the prophet’s name is in), fun fact, action, picture reminder, and then we will sing the whole song up until that point. It will take awhile, and I’m not sure we’ll get through all of the prophets in one Sunday, but I think this song is important enough to take the time to learn. And what a fun way to keep the kids engaged!

*Note: at the above-mentioned blog there is also a link to the updated version of the song which includes Thomas S. Monson. However, I don’t sing it quite this way because I feel like the last line they tacked on doesn’t really flow. So, I keep it to the original “We hear and follow his words today” and end “Monson” on the fermata and use the old rhythm.

Happy Singing!


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