Singing Bee

This activity works best for me with Senior Primary, but there’s a couple of  juniors who do great at it too. It’s important that you use songs that are pretty familiar. It works great for program review, either right before the program or at the halfway point. This one’s all about knowing the words, which I think is one of the most important things in learning primary songs. That’s where the message of the song really comes in and the kids get an opportunity to learn the gospel.

I post this cute bee sign at the front of the room, and the kids get really excited when they see it! (it’s in pdf at the bottom too)

Singing Bee Sign Word Doc

This game is based on the TV show of the same name, and I found it helpful to watch some footage of it as a reminder. Here’s a good example:

I really like the way that they choose contestants, so I start with the whole primary singing a song that they should all know. I have a mike that I got at the Dollar Store forever ago, but you could also just use a pointer or go up and down the rows and listen closely to some of the children. I just choose one kid at a time, but we have a small primary, so you could definitely do this with small groups to involve more kids.

Your pianist will play a big part of this activity so I made a cute bee for her too with instructions and a place for you to write in a list of review songs for her to choose from. I plan on doing this game more in the future, so I had mine laminated and I will use a wet erase/transparency marker to write in song titles and page numbers (she loves page numbers!)

Singing Bee for the Pianist Word Doc
The pianist will begin playing one of the review songs from the list and stop playing suddenly. The “contestant” has to sing the next line a capella. I really emphasize the importance of getting the words right! Especially with Senior Primary, every single word has to be exactly right. In Junior I’m a little more relaxed; they still have to get the important words right but if they miss something small, I let it go. If the contestant is successful, they get a sticker! (I’m very into stickers.)
Here’s an example of what I think is passable in Junior vs. Senior Primaries:

If the correct line is “Nephi’s older brothers believed it would not float” and a junior said, “Nephi’s older brothers believe it will not float” I’m ok with that. They’re still getting the story and it won’t be noticeable if they sing it in the group during the Primary Program. But Seniors don’t get a break (it’s just like the show) it’s gotta be word for word.

Here’s the PDFs:

Singing Bee sign PDF

Singing Bee for the Pianist PDF



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